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Hiring for new roles to take 27% effort of HR professionals in FY25

According to a recent report by PTI posted onĀ Business Standard which talks about how the reportĀ  revealed that 32 per cent of hiring is expected to be in the level of those having 4-8 years of work experience

Recruitment activities are expected to be focused on filing new positions in 2024-25 as hiring for fresh openings will make up 27 per cent of talent hunting efforts of employers across sectors, a report said on Thursday.

Hiring for replacements for existing positions will take at least 23 per cent of recruitment efforts in the current fiscal, said staffing solutions and HR services provider Genius Consultants' Hiring, Compensation, and Attrition Management report

"The hiring outlook for 2024-25 across the industry indicates a strong focus on new position hiring, which will make up 27 per cent of recruitment efforts. This strategic direction reflects a commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the market and the infusion of fresh talent," Genius Consultants CMD R P Yadav told PTI.

While replacement hiring will still be necessary, comprising 23 per cent of recruitment activities, the primary goal is to drive growth and innovation by creating new roles that align with the future needs of the industry, he said.

The report by Genius Consultants is based on a survey among 1,114 human resource professionals and C-suite executives between March 1 and April

15 this year.

The report further revealed that 32 per cent of hiring is expected to be in the level of those having4-8 years of work experience.

In terms of experience levels, the data prioritises employees with 4 to 8 years of experience, while 26 per cent in the 1-4 years of experience level, only 15 per cent is projected to be recruiting freshers, it stated.

The report also revealed that in FY25, non-contractual temporary roles are expected to account for 27 per cent of the hiring initiatives, followed by fixed term contractual hiring with 25 per cent, gig-staffing 24 per cent, while permanent positions make up for the remaining 24 per cent.

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