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38% IITians from class of 2024 yet to be placed: RT

According to a recent article by Hemali Chhapi  posted on The Times of India which talks about how here was a time when the IITs would see recruiters land up at their gates a day before the hiring season began, and the famed 'day zero' came into being.

Far from that glorified time, the class of 2024 has had a rough start to their professional careers.Around 38% IITians across all 23 campuses are yet to be placed, shows responses to RTI applications filed by IIT Kanpur alumnus Dheeraj Singh.place the current batch or recommend graduates to firms looking to hire engineers. IIT-Bombay and Birla Institute of Technology and Science have also reached out to its alumni.IIT Delhi has mailed its alumni seeking help to place the current batch or recommend graduates to firms looking to hire engineers. IIT-Bombay and Birla Institute of Technology and Science have also reached out to its alumni.

"7,000+ IIT students yet to get placements this year'

As the placement session for the academic year

2023-24 at IIT-Delhi draws to a close, we find ourselves faced with a significant challenge.

Despite our best efforts, approximately 400 students are yet to secure job placements. In light of this, we are reaching out to our esteemed alumni network, seeking your assistance in providing job opportunities for these graduating students, according to RTI responses.

From offering students jobs in their organisations to providing referrals and recommendations to even extending internship opportunities, the appeal goes on to ask old students to support their juniors.

"On behalf of the Office of Career Services

(OCS) at IIT-Delhi, we appeal to you to consider extending a helping hand to our students. Your support and efforts in this matter will not only be greatly appreciated but will also serve as a crucial steppingstone for these students as they embark on their professional journeys," it


Birla Institute of Technology and Science first reached out to its alumni two months ago, and so did many other institutes, some informally, some other loudly.

IIT-Bombay also reached out to former students for assistance. While placements are still on and will go on till June end, about 10% of the batch - or 250 candidates - who are participating in placements are yet to find a job. According to an RTI by Singh, last year, 329 candidates were not placed and 171 of them from the class of 2022failed to find a job.

V Ramgopal Rao, BITS group vice-chancellor, said, "Everywhere, placements are 20% to 30% lower.

some institute is saying all students have been placed, the quality of jobs leaves much to be desired. This is the first year when ChatGPT and large language models have started showing their impact. If two people can do the work of three people, we are already 30% down in hiring. There has already been a lot of overhiring and many countries are holding elections this year, so companies are adopting a wait-and-watch policy."

"Over 7,000 IIT students are yet to be placed via campus placement this year across all the 23

IITs. Two years ago, this unplaced number was half at 3,400. While the number of students sitting in placements has gone up 1.2 times, the number of unplaced students has doubled to 2.3 times in two years," said Singh.

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