Riya Tandon, The Economic Times

GCCs open multiple career opportunities for freshers

A recent report by Riya Tandon posted on The Economic Times talks about how India's economy has experienced significant growth due to the establishment of global capability centres (GCCs), which benefit from the country's skilled workforce, low operational costs, and digitisation.These offshore units, set up by multinational corporations, centralise various business functions and operations to improve productivity, presenting numerous job and career advancement opportunities, especially for early career professionals.

More global companies are opening these offshore units to perform numerous business functions and operations, and innovations to enhance productivity. As a result, these centres present endless job and growth opportunities for early career professionals.

Hence, it would be beneficial for young minds to understand the roles, skills and pay at GCCs if they want a career in this segment.

At the moment, GCCs offer unique learning opportunities, exposure to global processes, and chances for rapid career advancement for early career professionals, she adds.

GCCs come armed with fresh ideas and perspectives as well as in-built operating systems with all the necessary functions in place, says Ravi Tangirala, Head of MassMutual India. Elaborating further, he says though these entities are innovation hubs, they function with operational efficiency, maintaining cost arbitrage.

To taste success in the current technologically advanced atmosphere of GCCs, individuals need to acquire and hone a certain set of skills.

When hiring entry-level professionals, Kaur says CC employers desire a combination of skills, qualifications and attributes. Technical skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork and collaboration, along with adaptability and learning agility, are highly sought after for entry-level roles.

Additionally, knowledge of analytics tools, and digital marketing as well as familiarity with emerging technologies such as cybersecurity, AI and cloud computing can help grab exciting job opportunities in the sector. Soft skills like cultural sensitivity are also essential for success in a global environment, she says.

Tangirala also recommends acquiring skills and qualifications around cloud computing,

AI, ML, gENAI, robotic process automation (RPA), data sciences, analytics and cybersecurity to meet the rising talent demand in GCCs.

Campus hiring trends and pay expectations

Campus hiring for entry-level jobs by GCCs has indeed witnessed a notable increase in recent years due to the growing demand for skilled talent, says Kaur. Top graduates can expect competitive salary packages, with slight variations based on factors such as educational background, skill set and location.

Besides the pay that meets industry standards, she says, the compensation package also promises perks such as performance bonuses, stock options, healthcare benefits, and professional development opportunities.

workforce flexibility and access specialised skills, says Kaur. Content creation, graphic design, software and web development, and language translation are the freelance roles that allow GCCs to tap into a global talent pool, leverage niche expertise and scale up their operations efficiently.

"Hiring of contractors and freelancers allows organisations to get the required skills quickly, which otherwise take a long time to develop in-house. Top skills in demand include data science, data modelling, cloud computing, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI)/ machine learning (ML)," adds Tangirala.

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