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Freshers, take note: Data proficiency is becoming the key to multiple career opportunities

A recent report on The Economic Times highlights data analysis is a crucial skill valued by employers across industries. It involves extracting insights from raw data using statistical tools. Lokesh Nigam and Krishna Kumar emphasize its importance in decision-making and career growth.


In the fast-paced, high-tech and data-driven market, one skill that has gained immense prominence in the eyes of employers is data analysis. Irrespective of the industry and role, the ability to extract valuable insights from a collection of pure raw data is highly valued.

Given the demand for such roles now, it's no longer an additional competency but a necessity for fresh graduates.

In an atmosphere where almost every sector relies on data for impactful decision-making, individuals with remarkable data analysis skills in their arsenal can easily get access to multiple career growth opportunities. That is why individuals must understand the importance of this skill and learn how to cultivate and leverage it to build a successful career path.

Data analysis: What and why

Data analysis is the ability to collect, process and interpret data to extract meaningful insights, says Lokesh Nigam, Co-founder and CEO, Konverzai. Various statistical tools, software and methodologies are used to identify the important patterns, trends and relationships within data sets.Elaborating on why employers are on a hunt for candidates who possess these skills, he says it enables organisations to accurately forecast problem statements, strategically plan, and optimise individual and team performance. Besides, when raw data is transformed into actionable insights, organisations get a better understanding of market trends, making the products and services more efficient. Consequently, better decision-making offers them a competitive edge in the market.While the need to analyse data has impacted every industry, there are some industries that value this skill more than others. Both the experts list finance, internet and technology, healthcare, marketing, social sciences and academia, manufacturing and supply chain, and e-commerce as segments with a significant demand for this skill.

Key roles that thrive on this skill are data scientists, business analysts, financial analysts, market researchers, data visualisation specialists and healthcare data analysts, say experts.

Role of data analysis in career advancement

Early expertise in data analysis allows the candidate to tackle complex challenges, contribute to strategic initiatives, and demonstrate their impact through data-driven results, says Nigam. Since data is an integral part of any business growth strategy, he explains that those with strong data analysis skills are well-positioned for leadership roles and continuous career growth.Simplilearn, as an upskilling platform, also has a bunch of well-constructed programmes around data analytics, data science, and associated areas that can help build foundational skills and kick-start an analytical




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